Eat and Drink in Singapore

Last updated on May 12th, 2018

Khmer numbers
For a quick start, you only need to learn numbers from 0 to 5 and multiples of 10. That’s only
Ride hailing in Singapore
It takes a lot to budge a Singapore taxi driver. They’re quite even tempered. Of course, they’re taxi drivers, so
Why do the French eat veal?
The French eat quite a bit of veal when compared to other countries. Veal can be commonly found in the
Singapore Bakkwa
Bakkwa is a Chinese delicacy consisting of sweet and salty slow roasted meats. It’s a bit like jerky, but nowhere
Supermarkets in Singapore
You may be spending only a few days in Singapore. But at some stage during your stay, you’ll probably need
Cambodian Moto Dup delivering groceries
The easiest way to get around in Cambodia is on a motorbike. You’re travelling with a group of friends. Should
Senate and Sailboats at Jardin du Luxembourg in Paris
The central pond of the Luxembourg Garden is where budding sailors and pirates meet to race wooden model ships. A
Cleanliness Grading of Singapore Food Stalls
Finding clean food stalls in Singapore is relatively easy. Unlike our friends in neighbouring countries, we’re lucky to be able
Fork and Spoon in Cambodia
Cambodians don't usually eat meals with their hands. They use a spoon and a fork. Meats and vegetables are usually
Friend Crickets in Cambodia
Despite widespread backpackers and travel forums' beliefs, we don't traditionally eat maggots, spiders and cockroaches. But it does make for