Fake real yakitori in Paris

Fake Real Japanese Restaurants and the Parisian Student

Fake real Japanese restaurants can be found all over Paris, as they are staple casual eats. In the Latin Quarter, they are concentrated around La Sorbonne University. We started eating fake real Japanese food as students, and years later, we still have our lunch breaks there!

Why do the French eat veal?

Veal in French Cuisine

The French eat quite a bit of veal when compared to other countries. Veal can be commonly found in the meat aisles of French supermarkets, at the local butcher’s and relatively regularly on the plates of the average French household.

Senate and Sailboats at Jardin du Luxembourg in Paris

Taking the Kids Sailing at the Jardin du Luxembourg in Paris

The central pond of the Luxembourg Garden is where budding sailors and pirates meet to race wooden model ships. A few people bring their own toys, but most rent traditional sail boats from the mysterious man. He appears every spring and disappears as the cold weather sets in.

Paris Tramway

How to Navigate Paris Buses and Trams

Buses and trams run with the same tickets as the Paris métro and RER. You can change buses once with the same ticket, but you can’t take the métro AND the bus on the same trip using the same ticket…

Paris Public Transport in Style

How to Navigate Paris Métro and RER

Plot your journey on the métro map before going through the gates (pocket map available at the counter, or check out the network map on the wall before the ticket gates). Find your starting point and your final point.

Eiffel Tower

Welcome to Paris

You’ve made it! Welcome to the capital of France. If you’re from London, New York or Tokyo or any other large cosmopolitan city, you’ll feel right at home with our tips and travel advice. Paris is mix of people from around the globe, wherever you’re from, you’re likely to find people from your own part of the world in Paris.