Baixa in Lisbon

Family Friendly Stay at the “Arsenal Aparment” in Lisbon

Today I wish to introduce you to the "Arsenal Apartment", a good homely vacation rental that I stumbled upon (literally), the other night as I was finishing up some star cheese (Queijo Serra da Estrela) with Douro wine in the lower Chiado area of Lisbon.

Portuguese Fado

Fado and Saudade in Lisbon

Fado is part of the Portuguese soul, fado tells life as it unfolds. It may sound a cliché, but be warned, it is not. Fado is sung life and fate as the lights are low and the audience and the performers share an understanding of music and poetry.

Hotel in Lisbon

Our Favourite Hotels in Lisbon

So you've come to Lisbon on an austere shoestring or a fat northern purse? Looking for a place to sleep? Pedrito lives around the lowest part of lower Chiado, the gritty grotty one (Chiado is a pedantic quarter for fat cats, but the lower part is more mainstream authentic).

Party Hotspots in Lisbon

Party Hotspots in Lisbon

The nice weather is a good excuse to party in Lisbon. The food is good, the ladies are slender in the wind, and the men with somber mood need a drink or two. Austerity measures or not, it is imperative to stay merry until dawn, or to talk it through a night of revelry in the forever young streets of Lisboa.

Travel Tips in Lisbon

Useful Portuguese Expressions and Words

You want to speak like a Portuguese navigator or a Portuguese fishmonger? You want to speak the language of discoveries of the soul(mate) or simply order some bacalhau and a beer? Let Pedrito and chum teach you some useful sentences to interact with the locals in Lisbon!

Lisbon Sardines

Traditional Portuguese Dishes You Must Try

Portuguese food is usually quite good, and has that home-made look and taste you won't find everywhere these days. Soak everything in olive oil if it's not already swimming or submerged in olive oil.

Walking the Streets of Lisbon

Walking the Streets of Lisbon

We've put up two walks for Alfama. Kids will love hide and seek in the winding maze of narrow alleys. Those adults with excess energy can run the whole stretch if they want, but that's not the way in Lisboa.

Walking from Avenida da Liberdade to Chiado in Lisbon

Laid out in 1879, Liberty Avenue is Lisbon's biggest at 90 metres wide and 1.1 kilometre long. Styled after the Avenue des Champs-Elysées in Paris, it used to be lined up with Art Deco and Belle Epoque stately homes and palaces, most of which have unfortunately been replaced by uglier modern buildings, luxury hotels and expensive designer shops.