Ta Som Temple with kids

Angkor Temples with Kids: Top Tips for Child-Friendly Visits

Visiting Angkor with your little ones? What a great opportunity! The Temples of Angkor are a great playground for kids young and old. But what about the nitty gritty kid-friendly tips you need to make your trip in Cambodia the smoothest possible? Gnarfgnarf's top tips are here to help you prepare your visit to Angkor!

Top 5 Angkor Temples with kids

Kid’s Top 5 Angkor Temples

Gnarfgnarf's tips will help you enjoy Siem Reap with your children and little ones! This is a selection of kid-friendly temples, as well as advice for the two main temples you are bound to visit: Angkor Wat and Bayon. Keep your mini tomb raiders entertained with treasure hunts and discoveries.