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Traditional Portuguese Dishes You Must Try

Last updated on December 5th, 2018


We are a proud race of navigators and discoverers. Can’t possibly go sailing around the world on empty stomachs. We love our seafood grilled, steamed, baked, roasted but always fresh. If you don’t like fish, it’s because you’ve never had it properly cuisined. There’s nothing like a good swordfish steak or a whole grouper to get you going (or sleeping) for the rest of day. We eat tons of seafood, the fresh kind! Of course, a big glass of beer or wine, with cheese and smoked ham, is also much appreciated. Portuguese food is usually quite good, and has that home-made look and taste you won’t find everywhere these days. Soak everything in olive oil if it’s not already swimming or submerged in olive oil.

Some little tips on eating out: waiters will bring out bread, butter, maybe some cheeses and other little things. What you eat you pay, if you don’t touch it, you shouldn’t pay for it. The daily specials are usually the best bet, especially with the fish, which should be fresh from that same day. Tips are not outrageously high here, about 10% is nice, 15% you’ll make good friends with the waiter, higher than that and you’re probably flirting.



Caldo verde – Minced cabbage soup

Chouriço – Smoked spicy pork sausage

Pasteis de bacalhau – Cod and potato cakes



Arroz de marisco – Seafood risotto

Bacalhau à brás – Codfish with fried potatoes and eggs

Sardinhas assadas – Grilled sardines

Açorda – Bread and shellfish stew

Ameijoas á bulhão pato – Clams in garlic and coriander sauce

Caldeirada – Fish stew and bits and pieces of seafood catch of the day

Porco á alentejana – Pork with clams, served with fried potatoes

Entrecosto , Costoletas, Lombo – Pork ribs, chops, loin

Feijoada – Stew with different kinds of meat, potatoes, legumes

Frango no Churrasco – Charcoal roasted chicken, ask this with hot piri piri…

Bife – Beef steak



Amêijoa – Cockle

Bacalhau – Cod

Camarões – Shrimp

Dourada – Dorade / Seabream

Gambas – King prawns

Garoupa – Grouper

Lulas – Squid

Lupo – Octopus

Mexilhões – Mussels

Santola – Crab

Sardinha – Sardine

Peixe espada – Swordfish



Arroz doce – Rice pudding spiced with cinnamon

Baba de camelo – Camel’s drool (never mind what it sounds, it tastes good!)

Mousse de chocolate – Chocolate mousse

Pudim flan – Flan

Pasteis de Belém – Belém pastries (check out our lyrical blog post on these)

Pudim Molotov – Egg pudding that melts in your mouth (rather than explodes in your face)



Cerveja – Beer

Vinho tinto/branco – Wine (red/white)

Vinho do Porto – Port wine

Piri piri – Hot pepper sauce!

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