Ride hailing in Singapore

Hailing Taxis and Sharing Rides in Singapore

It takes a lot to budge a Singapore taxi driver. They’re quite even tempered. Of course, they’re taxi drivers, so they drive like taxi drivers. Speed up, then slam the brakes a few seconds later. Makes my girlfriend sick each time!

Supermarkets in Singapore

At Which Supermarkets Do Singaporeans Go Grocery Shopping?

You may be spending only a few days in Singapore. But at some stage during your stay, you’ll probably need a supermarket, and convenience , though very convenient, have less than the bare essentials. NTUC Fairprice, a Trades Union coop, is the fairest supermarket in Singapore and a household name.

Singapore Beach Sunset

Reclaim Land in Singapore

As one of the smallest and most densely populated nations in the world, Singapore is running out of space. Singapore's solution to its stifling population density has been to grow bigger by dumping sand and rocks into the surrounding seas.

Singapore Flag

Useful Singaporean Expressions

Singaporeans are usually articulate in the English Language. Visitors can get by without uttering a single local phrase. However, to express wit and sarcasm, a number of idioms should be inserted at judicious points of the conversation.