Telephone and Internet in Cambodia

Phone Home: Internet and Telephone in Cambodia

Forget your designer shoes… but show off your cool phone. Cambodians love their smartphones. It’s really easy to get a local SIM card if you have an unlocked phone. With a few tips from us, you’ll be able to call home, get online and keep posting about your Cambodian adventures.

Haggling at Cambodian markets

How to Haggle over Prices at Cambodian Markets

If you don’t know the usual price for an item you are interested in. I suggest you check prices at three different stalls to have a feel for the prevailing market conditions! With the exception of a few scoundrels, Cambodian vendors don’t usually ask for crazy mark-ups.

Khmer numbers

How to Count in Khmer

For a quick start, you only need to learn numbers from 0 to 5 and multiples of 10. That’s only 16 Khmer words to be able to count to 1000! Khmer has the particularity of using a bi-quinary counting system (base 5 and 10), which makes it easier for visitors to pick up.

Welcome to Cambodia

Hanging out in Phnom Penh

King Father Norodom Sihanouk composed a famous song called “Phnom Penh”, which croons about the local “joie de vivre”. Those were happier times in the 1960s. Phnom Penh is still moving and shaking, and abuzz with local arts, galleries, performances, eateries, drinkeries and generally loud noise.

Typical Day in Phnom Penh

A Typical Day Living in Phnom Penh

Phnom Penhers get up early. They start cleaning  their houses at around five. When the night air is still a little chilly, your average Phnom Penher makes his way to the nearest river front, park or stadium for the morning exercise.

Useful Khmer Expressions and Words

Useful Everyday Khmer Expressions and Words

If there is one expression you should learn, it is Sok Sabay, which is used to greet people, ask how they fare, bid goodbye. Literally Sok means peace and Sabay means happiness.