Paris Public Transport in Style

How to Navigate Paris Métro and RER

Plot your journey on the métro map before going through the gates (pocket map available at the counter, or check out the network map on the wall before the ticket gates). Find your starting point and your final point.

Eiffel Tower

Welcome to Paris

You’ve made it! Welcome to the capital of France. If you’re from London, New York or Tokyo or any other large cosmopolitan city, you’ll feel right at home with our tips and travel advice. Paris is mix of people from around the globe, wherever you’re from, you’re likely to find people from your own part of the world in Paris.

Useful French Expressions and Words

Useful French Expressions and Words

Our objective is to make you sound like a true born and bred in Paris in no time. A few cultural pointers will prove handy. You will be able to look and sound the part for at least the first few seconds of the conversation.

Love runs in the streets of Paris

French Etiquette in Paris

You must try to shake hands at every opportunity, especially among men and boys. Kisses are only between female and male, and female and female Parisians. Men kiss only if they are relatives or have known each other for a long time.

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What Parisians Think of Tourists

Tales that Parisians are unwelcoming to tourists are far fetched and inexact. Most Parisians simply don't care. Parisians treat tourists the way they treat each other, with undeserved aggressively and rudeness. It's unlikely that you will be discriminated against. The baker and the waiter at the cafe does not treat us any better than foreigners visiting our city...