Singapore football match

Attending a Local Football Match in Singapore

There are some good football fixtures to be watched in Singapore. The real kind of football, at a real stadium, with real friends, and even real players! It may not be Premier League material, but it is good fun nevertheless.

Hawker Centres in Singapore

Our Favourite Hawker Centres in Singapore

Hawker centres are open air food courts where family operated stalls offer a variety of local dishes at local (inexpensive) prices. Hawker centres were developed in the 1960s with the rapid growth of Asian cities in Hong Kong, Malaysia and Singapore, and were initially located at transport hubs or near public housing.

Traditional markets in Singapore

Traditional Markets in Singapore

Kampong Glam is filled with interesting and picturesque stores lining Arab, Muscat, Bussorah, Baghdad and Kandahar Streets. Most of them sell beautiful fabric and are owned by enterprising Indians who will help you mix and match. Buy "ethnic" materials at reasonable prices and have them transformed into whatever you want.

Shopping Malls in Singapore

A Guide to Shopping Malls in Singapore

Shopping madness, shopping fever, shopping as a national pastime, shopping as a sport, shopping as a delusion... all hold true in Singapore. Everywhere you look... a store, a stall, a hawker beckons. Great deals, liquidation sales, closing sales, opening sales...

Multicultural City Walk in Singapore

You don't want to be zipping by some cute shophouse-lined street or pocket-sized temple. Nor do you want to rush by the tucked-away shop with great deals and miss out on spending time with the locals chilling and filling up on yummy hawker centre snacks.

Kampong Glam Walk in Singapore

Kampong Glam means "Glam Village" in Malay, and the name comes from "Gelam, a variety of Eucalyptus that used to grow in the area. Kampong Glam used to be the Malay sultans' residential area as well as the main Muslim and Arab district.

Clarke Quay in Singapore

Party Hotspots in Singapore

Singapore is a good place to party. Yuppy folks in their severe work gear hit the many bars, pubs and dance-spots throughout the week to ease the stress and pain of a meaningless rat race. Students in their post and pre-exam delirium do the same before they face the reality of the job market. No good reason for visitors not to.

Pulau Ubin

Nature Hotspots in Singapore

Reservoirs and public gardens account for 42% of Singapore's land use, while more than half is built up. At the founding of Singapore in 1819, evergreen rainforests and mangroves covered most of the island.

Kampong Glam Mosque in Singapore

Arab Street and Kampong Glam forever!

I keep coming back to the area around Sultan Mosque, also known as Kampong Glam or Arab Street, in Singapore. Yes, stuff is demolished, rebuilt, renovated, refurbished, reclaimed, transformed. But somehow Kampong Glam has retained something authentic, something living.


What are Singapore’s “Park Connectors”?

See, people do use Singapore park connectors: take granny for the evening stroll, let baby try his first steps in the playground, muscle up with the outdoor fitness contraptions, cycle and stroll along the water for the next Iron Man triathlon...