Souvenir Shop in Phnom Penh

Souvenir Shops in Phnom Penh: What and Where to Buy?

Beautiful Shoes has been around this area of Tuol Sleng a good twenty years. The family run business established itself as one of the first cobblers returning to Phnom Penh after the war. The adjacent shoe shops are relatives of the original owner, although most people still shop at Beautiful Shoes.

Market in Phnom Penh

Markets in Phnom Penh: What and Where to Buy?

Phsars, literally "markets" are where Cambodians purchase anything from fresh fish and vegetables, tools for home improvements, jungle knifes for field expeditions, bibelots for friends and relatives, to CDs, DVDs and books. Phsars usually offer better deals than individual shops and shopping centres, although the latter would have the upper hand for electronics.