Jacob Ballas Jungle Bridge

Jacob Ballas Garden: Botanic Jungle Play in Singapore

Jacob Ballas Children's Garden at the Singapore Botanic was designed specifically with children in mind: it combines adventures, fun, experiments and play to learn that “life on earth depends on plants”. Equipped with our friendly tips, enjoy this giant jungle playground with your little ones!

Alexandra Park Connector Singapore

Alexandra Park Connector: Creative Canal Landscaping in Singapore

Although many of Singapore's green spaces have their particular character and charm, the Alexandra Park Connector has been meticulously planned. Cyclists and joggers will relish the smooth dedicated paths on either side of the canal, and those with a family will enjoy the relaxing late afternoon stroll.

Pulau Ubin

Nature Hotspots in Singapore

Reservoirs and public gardens account for 42% of Singapore's land use, while more than half is built up. At the founding of Singapore in 1819, evergreen rainforests and mangroves covered most of the island.


What are Singapore’s “Park Connectors”?

See, people do use Singapore park connectors: take granny for the evening stroll, let baby try his first steps in the playground, muscle up with the outdoor fitness contraptions, cycle and stroll along the water for the next Iron Man triathlon...

Zadok at Singapore Botanic Gardens

Singapore sculpture in nature : Zadok Ben-David at the Botanic Gardens

Zadok Ben-David's sculptures are in town at the Singapore Botanic Gardens. Art in a garden, what could be more perfect after a day at the office? Zadok Ben-David is a London based artist. From October 23rd 2012 to January 31st 2013, 17 of his sculptures are on show at the Singapore Botanic Gardens.