Kaya sponge cakes

Kaya Brings Sweetness to Life

The kaya we are talking about is neither an actress nor an anime character; we are talking about the sweet delicacy common to Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and a few other Southeast Asian countries.

Singapore Lor Mee

Singapore Cuisine and Traditional Dishes

Singaporeans, like most Asian, eat non-stop, although not in large single quantities and portions as westerners may do. We nibble throughout the day, snacks, soups, sweets, fruits etc. Singaporeans talk about food, where to go next, swap ideas on good spots.

Clarke Quay in Singapore

Party Hotspots in Singapore

Singapore is a good place to party. Yuppy folks in their severe work gear hit the many bars, pubs and dance-spots throughout the week to ease the stress and pain of a meaningless rat race. Students in their post and pre-exam delirium do the same before they face the reality of the job market. No good reason for visitors not to.