Pub Street in Siem Reap

A Quick Guide to Avoiding Pub Street in Siem Reap

Pub Street is also known as “Thirst Street” in some languages. The disco nights come out, the giant speakers start thumping really loudly, and the local police corral tourists into the nightly Siem Reap human zoo.

Fish amok

Fish Goes Amok in Cambodia

Amok Trei (Fish amok) is a traditional Cambodian dish of steamed curried fish. The fish is presented in a banana leaf cup in which it was cooked. Don’t eat the banana leaf! Although there is some gravy, amok trei is nowhere near as liquid as fish curry. Fish amok is steamed, not boiled or baked.

Fork and Spoon in Cambodia

Eating with Fork and Spoon in Cambodia

Cambodians don't usually eat meals with their hands. They use a spoon and a fork. Meats and vegetables are usually served cut up in sufficiently small pieces, so you won't need a knife.

Friend Crickets in Cambodia

Should you Eat Crickets and Other Insects in Cambodia?

Despite widespread backpackers and travel forums' beliefs, we don't traditionally eat maggots, spiders and cockroaches. But it does make for a good story when you go back home to tell people that Cambodians eat spiders.

Our favourite restaurants in Siem Reap

Our Favourite Restaurants in Siem Reap

The Siem Reap restaurant and food scene is replete with casual eats for the locals and tourists traps for visitors. We seldom have our meals on Pub Street and it's a way too loud for our regular beer gatherings. For Khmer food, as elsewhere in Cambodia, the best stuff is home cooked.

Traditional Khmer Cuisine

Khmer Cuisine and Traditional Cambodian Dishes

Cambodian diet is based on seafood and freshwater fishes and crustaceans. We are fish-eaters, we love dried fish and rice, fish sauce and rice, and if we have the money we eat crabs and shrimps and rice.

Cambodian Kralan opened

Cambodian kralan sticky rice stuffed in bamboo sections

Kralan, a typically Cambodian savoury snack, which consists of sticky rice cooked in coconut milk black eyed peas or bean stuffed in bamboo. The cooking is a lengthy and fuel consuming process. The eating is fast and easy.