Fake real yakitori in Paris

Fake Real Japanese Restaurants and the Parisian Student

Fake real Japanese restaurants can be found all over Paris, as they are staple casual eats. In the Latin Quarter, they are concentrated around La Sorbonne University. We started eating fake real Japanese food as students, and years later, we still have our lunch breaks there!

Why do the French eat veal?

Veal in French Cuisine

The French eat quite a bit of veal when compared to other countries. Veal can be commonly found in the meat aisles of French supermarkets, at the local butcher’s and relatively regularly on the plates of the average French household.

Restaurants in Paris Latin Quarter

Our Favourite French Restaurants in the Latin Quarter in Paris

Eating out in Paris is no longer cheap... well it's never been cheap but the locals can still find places where a beer is just a euro, or a plat du jour, dish of day, is still under ten euros. It's harder, but it's still possible, even in the Latin Quarter. The plat du jour should be beyond the standard steak frites (steak and fries), and offer some more sophisticated dishes such as coq au vin or cassoulet.

Paris Vineyards

Paris vineyards and wines made in Paris

Paris no longer produces commercial wine (nor any Grands Crus!), but our wine heritage is being revived in mini vineyards around the city, usually thanks to the efforts of local city councils and citizen groups.