Zadok at Singapore Botanic Gardens

Singapore sculpture in nature : Zadok Ben-David at the Botanic Gardens

Last updated on December 5th, 2018

How to satisfy everyone’s late afternoon’s cravings in Singapore?

My brother fancies a brisk after-work jog, Mum and Dad prefer a contemplative stroll, my energetic little nephew looks ready for excitement filled toddling around (and I promised to watch over him) and … Zadok Ben-David’s sculptures are in town at the Singapore Botanic Gardens. Art in a garden, what could be more perfect after a day at the office?

Zadok Ben-David is a London based artist. From October 23rd 2012 to January 31st 2013, 17 of his sculptures are on show at the Singapore Botanic Gardens. “On show” is not exactly the right way to put it though… Zadok Ben-David’s sculptures sit beautifully against the garden backdrop and at the same time blend in gracefully. The sculptures are made out of sheets of Corten steel, cut out to form delicate lace-like pieces of art. I really like the use of Corten steel. It is an amazing material for outdoor sculptures because it changes aspect over time. The steel slowly weathers (or I guess not so slowly in Singapore given the high humidity and hot sun!) and turns into a rich rusty red colour. This rusting forms a crust that protects the structure under the crust from corrosion.

Zadok Ben-David sculptures are placed tastefully in the Botanic Gardens. Some close to clusters of trees, some free standing on the grass, others in the middle of the lake. It seems like these garden spaces were made just for the sculptures… All of us had fun discovering them as we made our way through the garden. We adults found Mr Ben-David’s art poetic and evocative, and judging from my nephew’s curious gaze and animated toddler talk, the artist has got himself a very young fan too!

Beautiful sculptures in a beautiful garden : don’t miss out on this exhibition! Zadok Ben-David, presented by Sotheby’s, at the Singapore Botanic Gardens, from October 23rd 2012 to January 31st 2013.

For more on the artist, check out Zadok Ben-David’s website.

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