Eat and Drink in Singapore

Last updated on May 12th, 2018

Cambodian surf guitar
Cambodian Rocking Beats: from Mekong Surf to Clean Psychedelic Guitar
Cambodian classic rock from the 50s to 70s sounds like rock ’n’ roll, but with a Khmer twist: from surf
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Yong Tau Foo in Singapore
A Relatively Healthy Lunch Break: Ordering Yong Tau Foo in Singapore
How to last the whole working week eating out with colleagues? Grab some yong tau foo around Singapore, a popular
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Short history of the Cambodian Riel
The Curious History of the Riel and Dollarisation in Cambodia
Cambodia’s official national currency is the riel (the unofficial one being the US dollar). The riel has been in use
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HDB flats in Singapore
From Bare Bones to Swanky Public Housing: HDB Flats in Singapore
Housing Development Board (HDB) flats are subsidised public housing. More than 80% of Singaporeans live in HDBs, which are much
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Thousand Cambodian riel
Wads of Riel Bills and Small Change in US dollars: Money Changers in Siem Reap
Money changers in Siem Reap will provide US dollars and Cambodian riels against major foreign currencies, and break large bills
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Banks and ATMs in Siem Reap
Where to Get Cash: Banks and ATMs in Siem Reap
Cambodia's three largest banks have several branches in Siem Reap. Cambodian ATMs will gladly accept Visa and Mastercard so you
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Cambodian Riels
A Fistful of Dollars and Riels: Paying in Cash in Cambodia
The national currency of Cambodia is the Khmer Riel but US dollars are commonly accepted for everyday transactions. There is
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Affordable Spas in Singapore
Tired Feet and Sore Bodies: Affordable Spa Pampering in Singapore
Pamper yourself! You don’t have to spend a fortune if you go to the right spas in Singapore. From head
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Dentists in Siem Reap
Getting a Proper Khmer Angkor Smile: Dentists and Dental Tourism in Siem Reap
Proper dentists with proper equipment are a handful in Siem Reap. Dentistry has improved quite a bit, with Cambodian dentists
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Hospitals in Siem Reap
Hospitals in Siem Reap: Where to Get Medical Treatment in a Hurry
Medical facilities in Siem Reap range from abysmal, staffed with doctors of dubious credentials, to acceptable for common tourists ailments
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