Eat and Drink in Singapore

Last updated on May 12th, 2018

Chicken Rice
Getting Fat on Chicken Rice in Singapore
Chicken rice is so popular in Singapore, you won’t have to look for it. It’ll come looking for you! The
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Cute Cafes in Singapore Kampong Glam
Cute Cafés in Singapore’s Kampong Glam
Cute cafés abound around Arab Street and Kampong Glam. Pick from one of our favourites to chit chat, read the
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Traditional restaurants in Kampong Glam Singapore
Eat Singapore History: Traditional Restaurants in Kampong Glam
Singapore's Kampong Glam has plenty of historical sights. And that includes traditional restaurants that serve heartwarming dishes in casual settings.
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Yong Tau Foo in Singapore
A Relatively Healthy Lunch Break: Ordering Yong Tau Foo in Singapore
How to last the whole working week eating out with colleagues? Grab some yong tau foo around Singapore, a popular
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Singapore chilli crab
Singapore Chilli Crab is Sweeter than Hot
Singapore chilli crab is a sweet and tangy, tomato and chilli sauce stir fry. When freshly cooked, mud crabs have
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Singapore mooncakes
Watching the Moon while Eating Mooncakes in Singapore
During the Mid-Autumn Festival, you’ll find the broadest variety and highest quality of mooncakes. Everywhere you look in Singapore (supermarkets,
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Singapore Bakkwa
Mouthwatering Singapore Bakkwa Will Jerk Extra Saliva
Bakkwa is a Chinese delicacy consisting of sweet and salty slow roasted meats. It’s a bit like jerky, but nowhere
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Supermarkets in Singapore
At Which Supermarkets Do Singaporeans Go Grocery Shopping?
You may be spending only a few days in Singapore. But at some stage during your stay, you’ll probably need
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Cleanliness Grading of Singapore Food Stalls
Finding Clean Food Stalls in Singapore
Finding clean food stalls in Singapore is relatively easy. Unlike our friends in neighbouring countries, we’re lucky to be able
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Singapore Sling at the Raffles in Singapore
Drinking Singapore Slings in Singapore
I, Ah Choy (Alias Warren Wee) am waiting at the Raffles Hotel, the birthplace of the world famous cocktail named
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