Hotels in Phnom Penh

Last updated on May 12th, 2018

A few hours in Angkor
What to Do and See with a Few Hours or a Few Days in Angkor?
You only have a few days in Siem Reap? Plenty to do and to experience! Find out whether it's worth
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Getting around in Siem Reap
Getting Around Siem Reap: Orientation and Local Transport
Siem Reap's landmarks are the Old Market and the river. People will tell you that they live east or west
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Singapore Airlines A380 Changi Airport
How to Get to Singapore City Centre from Changi Airport
Rolls Royce with chauffeur not waiting for you at Changi Airport? We detail the transport options you have to get
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Bookstores in Siem Reapcc
Bookstores in Siem Reap: Where to Find Newspapers, Magazines, Books and Stationary
Get international and national papers and books written in English, Khmer and several other languages in the bookstores of Siem
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Alexandra Park Connector Singapore
Alexandra Park Connector: Creative Canal Landscaping in Singapore
Although many of Singapore's green spaces have their particular character and charm, the Alexandra Park Connector has been meticulously planned.
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Rue Saint Anne Japanese Restaurants Paris
Savouring Japanese Cuisine and Culture on Rue Saint Anne in Paris
Get real Japanese dishes prepared by Japanese cooks in the heart of Paris. Rue Saint Anne is a short walk
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Pharmacy in Siem Reap
Pharmacies in Siem Reap: Where to Get your Sunscreen, Medicine, and Help for Tourist Ailments
There are a lot of small outlets that sell aspirin, pain killers, band aid and over the counter medicine in
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Caparica beach sunset
Surfing, Swimming and Sunning at Costa da Caparica, across the Bridge from Lisbon
Pedrito and chum are going surfing this weekend! Just across the bridge from Lisbon. Portugal’s longest stretch of uninterrupted beach
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Rain at the Elephant Terrace in Angkor
Climate and Weather: When is the Best Time to Travel to Cambodia?
You can come anytime to Cambodia! But depending on whether you like it hot, cold, wet or dry, some days
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Yoga in Siem Reap
Where to Practise Yoga in Siem Reap
Two thousand years after India’s influence first spread to Cambodia under the Kingdom of Funan, yoga in its many forms
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