Eat and Drink in Phnom Penh

Last updated on May 12th, 2018

Bus to Siem Reap
Cambodia’s rule of the road is quite simple: the bigger has right of way. At the bottom of the food
Baixa in Lisbon
Today I wish to introduce you to the "Arsenal Apartment", a good homely vacation rental that I stumbled upon (literally),
Siem Reap from the air
Being an international tourist attraction has its advantages. Although Siem Reap is sometimes a sleepy provincial town, many flight paths
Pub Street in Siem Reap
Pub Street is also known as “Thirst Street” in some languages. The disco nights come out, the giant speakers start
Fake real yakitori in Paris
Fake real Japanese restaurants can be found all over Paris, as they are staple casual eats. In the Latin Quarter,
Singapore chilli crab
Singapore chilli crab is a sweet and tangy, tomato and chilli sauce stir fry. When freshly cooked, mud crabs have
Fish amok
Amok Trei (Fish amok) is a traditional Cambodian dish of steamed curried fish. The fish is presented in a banana
Singapore football match
There are some good football fixtures to be watched in Singapore. The real kind of football, at a real stadium,
Singapore mooncakes
During the Mid-Autumn Festival, you’ll find the broadest variety and highest quality of mooncakes. Everywhere you look in Singapore (supermarkets,
Haggling at Cambodian markets
If you don’t know the usual price for an item you are interested in. I suggest you check prices at