Travel Tips in Paris

Last updated on August 16th, 2017

Paris Metro Line 6 Viaduc
Public transport and the Paris Métro are the easiest ways to get around Paris. The Paris Métro is not always
Paris Metro Ticket
We Parisians usually have our Pass Navigo, a magnetic card on which we charge weekly, monthly or annual transport passes
Paris Public Transport in Style
Plot your journey on the métro map before going through the gates (pocket map available at the counter, or check
Eiffel Tower
You’ve made it! Welcome to the capital of France. If you’re from London, New York or Tokyo or any other
Useful French Expressions and Words
Our objective is to make you sound like a true born and bred in Paris in no time. A few
Love runs in the streets of Paris
You must try to shake hands at every opportunity, especially among men and boys. Kisses are only between female and
How To Navigate Paris Public Transport in Style
After helping yet another haggard-looking lost tourist in the Paris métro today (this Scandinavian gentleman nearly hugged me out of
USA Flag
Tales that Parisians are unwelcoming to tourists are far fetched and inexact. Most Parisians simply don't care. Parisians treat tourists