Travel Tips in Siem Reap

Last updated on May 12th, 2018

Pharmacy in Siem Reap
Pharmacies in Siem Reap: Where to Get your Sunscreen, Medicine, and Help for Tourist Ailments
There are a lot of small outlets that sell aspirin, pain killers, band aid and over the counter medicine in
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Rain at the Elephant Terrace in Angkor
Climate and Weather: When is the Best Time to Travel to Cambodia?
You can come anytime to Cambodia! But depending on whether you like it hot, cold, wet or dry, some days
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Bus to Siem Reap
Choose Slow and Relaxing over Fast and Scary Road Transport to Siem Reap
Cambodia’s rule of the road is quite simple: the bigger has right of way. At the bottom of the food
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Siem Reap from the air
Flying into Siem Reap: Airlines and Destinations
Being an international tourist attraction has its advantages. Although Siem Reap is sometimes a sleepy provincial town, many flight paths
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Haggling at Cambodian markets
How to Haggle over Prices at Cambodian Markets
If you don’t know the usual price for an item you are interested in. I suggest you check prices at
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Khmer numbers
How to Count in Khmer
For a quick start, you only need to learn numbers from 0 to 5 and multiples of 10. That’s only
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Cambodian Moto Dup delivering groceries
How Many People Can Ride on a Cambodian Motorbike Taxi (Moto Dup)?
The easiest way to get around in Cambodia is on a motorbike. You’re travelling with a group of friends. Should
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Welcome to Angkor
Welcome to Siem Reap and to Angkor
Despite its typically audacious old school Khmer name (Siem Reap means victory over the Siamese), Siem Reap is a rather
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Useful Khmer Expressions and Words
Useful Everyday Khmer Expressions and Words
If there is one expression you should learn, it is Sok Sabay, which is used to greet people, ask how
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Supermarket in Siem Reap
Shopping for groceries and daily essentials at the supermarkets of Siem Reap
Let's have a look a what the local 21st century supermarkets have to offer in Siem Reap. Lucky, Angkor Markets,
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