Temples of Angkor

Last updated on May 12th, 2018

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Sambor Prei Kuk
Sambor Prei Kuk, also known as Isanapura was the capital of Chenla in the 7th century. Most buildings were built
Phnom Chisor Temple
Packed a day bag, a camera, and a couple of friends. And off we were to Phnom Chisor, an 11th
Supermarket in Siem Reap
Let's have a look a what the local 21st century supermarkets have to offer in Siem Reap. Lucky, Angkor Markets,
Tuk Tuk in Cambodia
Traffic in Phnom Penh is seriously bad. You cannot go anywhere fast, not even in a motorcade. Public transport includes
Cambodian Rice Wine
Let us introduce you to some alcoholic beverages that are popular in Cambodia so that you can taste local drinks
Wat Athvea walls
Wat Athvea is believed to have been built under the reign of King Suryavarman II in the late 11th or
Krol Romeas 2
Krol Romeas, the Elephant Circle, remains a mystery today. It seems to be one of the only non-religious structures in
Siem Reap Puppet Parade
The Giant Puppet Parade has been taking place in Siem Reap since 2007. It is a community project that involves
Wat Bo murals
Most visitors to Siem Reap come to visit the temples of Angkor. For those who stay a bit longer or