Shopping for electronics at FunanDitalife in Singapore

Shopping for electronics at Funan DigitaLife Mall in Singapore

If you're interested in purchasing a laptop computer, a camera, a flat screen television, or simply some much needed peripherals for your electronic toys, Funan provides a bevy of attractive stores without being too overwhelming for the non techno geek.

Zadok at Singapore Botanic Gardens

Singapore sculpture in nature : Zadok Ben-David at the Botanic Gardens

Zadok Ben-David's sculptures are in town at the Singapore Botanic Gardens. Art in a garden, what could be more perfect after a day at the office? Zadok Ben-David is a London based artist. From October 23rd 2012 to January 31st 2013, 17 of his sculptures are on show at the Singapore Botanic Gardens.

Elephants Parade in Singapore Euraisy

Elephants Parade in Singapore

Colourful artistic elephants have been parading in Singapore's streets and shopping malls. The statues of these joyful mammals have been painted by local artists and celebrities, and are to be auctioned off to the rich and famous at a gala dinner. The objective is to make them cough up some dough for a worthy cause: to protect the threatened Asian elephant.