Alexandra Park Connector Singapore

Alexandra Park Connector: Creative Canal Landscaping in Singapore

Last updated on December 4th, 2018

Green Breathing Space

Alexandra is a relatively recent addition to Singapore’s growing network of park connectors. Although many of Singapore’s breathing living green spaces have their particular character and charm, Alexandra has been meticulously planned, cleverly thought out and carefully executed. It is a park for people to enjoy, and not just another token artificial green bandage that adorns the condos and office towers of Singapore.

Yes, here the majority of well to do and the cohorts of would be me toos wallow in the contrived artificiality of pesticide soaked lawns and neatly trimmed imported bushes. For those of us in Singapore mindful of nature’s bounty , park connectors provide calm and tranquility from an otherworldly alienating cityscape.


Alexandra Park Connector Wetlands


From Tanglin Road to Zion Road

Alexandra is built on the banks of a canal and stretches from Tanglin Road to Zion Road. It starts at the foot of some high rises (you can’t outrun these in Singapore) with a miniature learning centre on wetlands and water conservation, complete with a delicate waterfall and pond that children will enjoy crossing over and over on Japanese style stepping stones.

Cyclists and joggers will relish the smooth dedicated paths on either side of the canal, and those with a family will enjoy the relaxing late afternoon stroll. Young and old, small and tall, an eclectic crowd enjoys this little bit of greenery in Singapore.

There are plenty of spots to sit with your date, hidden behind walls of climbing plants, or to congregate in open air for a bite and a group of friends. Occasionally you have to cross a street, but it’s usually a quiet lane with hardly any traffic.

Stop by the convenience store at the corner of Henderson Road for a curry puff and some juices (one kilometre away from Tanglin), or have a proper meal at the Zion Road food centre, replete with hawkers and cheap treats (add another kilometre).

For the time being, the area surrounding the Alexandra Park Connector is relatively underbuilt, so take the opportunity to walk along Jervois Lane and other back streets shaded by older trees.


Alexandra Canal Fisherman

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