Accessibility of Paris Public Transport

Accessibility of Paris Public Transport

For parents with kids, wheelchair users, folks who can’t walk well: the first Paris métro lines date back to 1900, and most staircases are not doubled with escalators. There are escalators and lifts at certain stations that are very deep (Abbesses, Cité…), at most RER stations (this is good when you are coming from the [...]

Eiffel Tower

Welcome to Paris

You’ve made it! Welcome to the capital of France. If you’re from London, New York or Tokyo or any other large cosmopolitan city, you’ll feel right at home with our tips and travel advice. Paris is mix of people from around the globe, wherever you’re from, you’re likely to find people from your own part of the world in Paris.

Restaurants in Paris Latin Quarter

Our Favourite French Restaurants in the Latin Quarter in Paris

Eating out in Paris is no longer cheap... well it's never been cheap but the locals can still find places where a beer is just a euro, or a plat du jour, dish of day, is still under ten euros. It's harder, but it's still possible, even in the Latin Quarter. The plat du jour should be beyond the standard steak frites (steak and fries), and offer some more sophisticated dishes such as coq au vin or cassoulet.

Hotels in Paris

Our Favourite Hotels in the Latin Quarter in Paris

As a visitor to our wonderful, but expensive city, you are going to have to pay dearly for accommodation, just like the rest of us... Our hotel picks focus on the Latin Quarter and Saint Germain. The V and VI quarters (cinquième and sixième) are prized residential areas, but a fair number of students also hang around because of the high concentration of universities.

Opera Garnier in Paris

Opera, Theatre and Performance Arts in Paris

La Cité de la Musique (the City of Music) is yet another Grand Projet (Great Project) that fits perfectly within France's tradition of building massive state sponsored cultural landmarks. Unless you are tone deaf, you will find something to like at this sprawling complex inaugurated in 1995 and still expanding at the edge of the City of Paris.